Mountain Biking and

Cyclocross sessions

We run two sessions every Saturday where we coach kids from 6 to 18 years old in mountain biking and cyclocross.

Click here to enter a session - entries open on Thursdays, 9 days in advance of each session, and currently fill up quickly.

If you're coming for the first time, please join the Beginner and Improver session so we can assess your skills. 

Please can riders and parents from the earlier session try to disperse by 11.00 so that the riders in the second session can start arriving after 11.00.


If possible, we ask that only one parent brings their children to the velodrome.


We are following British Cycling’s guidelines on group sizes for coached sessions. Please note that these may change at short notice. We are currently limited to a maximum group of 30 people, including coaches and helpers, so we now need everyone to book in advance.

Beginner and Improver

Saturday 9.45- 10.45am

Annual membership: £15 (paid online)

Session for members: £2

Session for non-members: £4

Bike hire: £1

Helmet hire is free

Please note: Parents of children under 8 must stay during the session

Skills you are going to learn

  • Bike set-up

  • Body position and balance

  • Basic control skills

  • Braking techniques

  • Using gears

  • Cornering/turning

  • Negotiating and jumping obstacles

  • Climbing techniques

Intermediate and Advanced

Saturday 11.15am-1.15pm

Annual membership: £15 (paid online)

Session for members: £3

Session for non-members: £5

Bike hire: £2

Helmet hire is free


Skills you are going to learn

  • More advanced turning techniques

  • Further balance skills

  • Wheelies & bunny hops

  • Building your fitness and endurance

  • Further climbing skills

  • Effective use of brakes

  • Off-camber skills (riding on a bank)

  • Weight distribution

  • Uneven terrain and different surfaces

  • Racing skills

  • Cyclocross skills

Important information

  • The sessions are pretty energetic so don’t skip breakfast, and bring a bottle of water. 

  • Be in time for registration, helmet and bike checks arrive 10 minutes before the session. 

  • Ensure your bike is in safe working order and wear a helmet that fits.

  • No special clothing is required for sessions, but please wear gloves. 


Membership benefits

  • Save £2 per session.

  • Members automatically join the De Laune Award Scheme, with club and bike shop vouchers worth up to £100.

  • Newsletter and information cycling sheets – clothing, calendar of events, bike sizing, etc.

  • Family rides out to country and purpose built MTB circuits.

  • Weekends away with cycling related activities.

  • Sports coaching in MTB, cyclocross, road and track.

  • Support for joining racing events, including subsidised race bike hire.



Become a member

Membership is only £15 per year. Joining is easy register your child online at by clicking the link below. Make sure you select "Join: Someone else” and enter your details and your child's details. 

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