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Password: HHYCC

Interested in a short- or long-sleeve jersey for an Under 12? Don't buy online, we probably have your item at the club. Speak to registration !  

Password: HHYCCBIG

We hold stock of larger sizes, so check with the Registration team on Saturdays before ordering. If your item is not in stock, don't forget to use the discount voucher HHYCC40 at checkout, to benefit from the club subsidy. And read below for sizing advice! 

Every child loves to have the right kit. And HHYCC is proud to have one of the coolest club designs around! 

We encourage all our riders to wear our colours proudly and all items are sold at or below cost.  

Short-sleeve jerseys and long-sleeve jackets

We hold a stock of jerseys and long-sleeve jackets in children, teen and adult sizes. Ask a member of the registration team on Saturday mornings to buy an item.

Other items: Pre-order from the Team Stores

If you need clothing in a size that we don't have in stock, or want a something special like a skinsuit, gilet or bib-shorts, head to our team stores. The links are above - but please read these instructions as it's not like regular online shopping:

Sizes - the clothing comes out small. We strongly recommend that you buy one size up for race-fit, or two sizes up for a more regular fit. It is not possible to return items. 

Refer to the Size Chart on the Team Store webpage but be careful: for tops use the "Regrade" chart", for bottoms and skinsuits use the regular chart.

Discount for Teen and Adult clothing: when buying make sure you enter the discount code HHYCC40 to get your 40% discount. The club subsidizes these item by 40% so that they cost the same to our members as the Youth items. This subsidy is not automatic, so use the discount code.

Using an Award voucher: place your order and pay in full online. Show your order confirmation and your Award voucher to the registration team, who will refund you the voucher amount. 

How do the team stores work ?

We have two stores:

- Youth clothing (broadly, up to age 12) 

- Teenage and Adult clothing. 

The stores are open during specific periods, usually for a 10 day duration each time. We will announce the open periods during club notices (at 11am on Saturday), via our newsletter and Facebook page. The reason for the restricted opening periods is because we need to group the orders.


When the shops are open, you place and pay for your own order directly on the team store website. Once the shop is closed, the manufacturer will produce all the orders and deliver them to the club within about six weeks. 

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