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Friends of the Velodrome link
Friends of the Velodrome link
HHYCC took kids and families up to Manchester in February for 2 days of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup.   Did we have a good time? - you bet!

HHYCC's trip to Manchester for the UCI Track Cycling World Cup 2011

UCI Track Cycling World Cup
UCI Track Cycling World Cup
UCI Track Cycling World Cup
UCI Track Cycling World Cup
"On the 19th of February 2011 me and my Dad and plenty of others from hhycc arrived at the Manchester velodrome. it was the uci track cycling world cup and it was, according to many cycling magazines, going to be a good one. Races started with the women's omnium and men's scratch race. then in the evening session the excitement began. Sir Chris Hoy took to the track in the keiren, individual sprint, and the team sprint. the speed on telly is amazing but actually at the venue all you can say is "wow" "what was that."  

Also racing was Ben swift. swift by name and swift by nature. Vicky Pendelton , doing it for the girls and Lizzie Armistead riding the women's omnium.

The second morning session was equally as exiting with the team pursuit, in which, let me remind you we hold the world record and Olympic title. the heats were amazing and everyone enjoyed watching a -1.634 on the top spot turn into a -7.657! then the finals came along which were personally my favourite race. hearts were thumping hard as the boys lined up in position ready to hit the gas. we flew round the track and almost caught the other team and our own world record!
The weekend was an incredible one and i will certainly never forget it."          Betty Townley
"It was an amazing experience and it was inspiring to see the athletes in action first hand and it is an experience I will never forget. I would do anything to do the whole thing again. It is a great levelt to aspire to as it shows how extraordinary they are. I was made more special by being there for it with my friends and the atmosphere was amazing"     Harrison age 15
"It was fantastic to see all those cyclists for real and live. My favourite bit was well all of it. It was lovely to see Laura Trott who is a former member of a club we train with"    Amelia age 10

'It was a great experience to find about all the different types of races on the velodrome. Also it was interesting to see their training techniques and how they were on the rollers. It was great to go to Manchester as I have never been there before."    Rowan aged 12
We had a great time, then watched it again on the BBC iPlayer when we got home! 
      The Cassidys

A big thank you!!!!!!!!!   To have organised a superb week end. A complete success as a venue and ... Manchester is not all that far, after all...   Thanks!!!
Now see the pictures!
1.The cycling, specially seeing GB people win.
2.The food [especially the pancakes].
3.The Ukraine woman not coming off the track.
4.The shops [Manchester Piccadilly, I spent 48]
5.Getting everywhere [it was quick and easy]
6.Being with all my cycling friends.
7.The food [especially the pancakes]
8.Getting McDonalds and Subway in one day.
9.Bragging about it to my friends at school.
10.The crashes [obviously]

Rating: *****
Overall opinion: it was awesome. :]

    Arthur Ingamells
"To hear the cheers rolling round the Velodrome like a Mexican Wave gave the hugest buzz to us spectators. We felt we could really support the cyclists and show them our respect enthusiasm and excitement. The atmosphere was nothing short of electric!! Sharing the experience as a group made it so much more special. It was lovely to see the atheletes doing signings and a big thank you to them for posing for a photo with our extremely excited young cyclists of the future."  
    Mum age not provided!!
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