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HHYCC Saturday session skills



Bike set-up
Body position and balance
Basic control skills
Braking techniques
Using gears
Negotiating and jumping obstacles
Climbing techniques
In the Saturday sessions our coaches teach the riders the following skills....
More advanced turning techniques
Further balance skills
Wheelies & bunny hops
Further climbing skills
Effective use of brakes - when to brake when not to
Off-camber skills (riding on a bank)
Using your body
Switchbacks (theory we don't have long enough hills!)
Hillside techniques
Racing skills including overtaking, sprinting, mounting and  dismounting
Cyclo cross skills
... And  how to have even great fun through riding and racing
Gear 1 & 2 Beginners and Improvers

Gear 2 and beyond - Intermediate / Advanced
10:00 - 11:00

11:00 - 1pm
Coaches will assess your suitability for the 11o'clock session
For first timers and those new to MTB riding...
For those who are capable riders and are ready for more...
Come and meet Little Bob - you'll be down him in no time!
Go up Little Bob - and down Big Bob!