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Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club membership and email

We use Mailchimp to send out information about the club and events to the membership.

In order to minimise unwanted mail, we only let committee members post to it and any replies go to the author and not the entire group.   Each mail has instructions to unsubscribe should you so wish.

You can add your our email list directly at Mailchimp: http://eepurl.com/dvsf0L

Want to come off our list?

We're sorry to lose you, of course, but you can unsubscribe through the unsubscribe options on any mail you receive from us.

HHYCC email group


We use RiderHq to look after our membership details.  You can join HHYCC here, but please ensure you select "join on behalf of 'someone else'" from the options.

You can opt in to join the mailgroup from there.