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We keep our fees low in order to make the club accessible to all,and that just about covers the rent of the Velodrome for the Saturdays.

We have other expenses in order to keep a stock of working bits and helmets, and are reliant on donations and other local funding to keep us going.

Please think about how you could help - it all makes a difference...

Supported by fees and donations

Please have a think how you can help us run the club... 
See us on Saturdays or mail us.
- train as a cycling coach?
- help lay out cones for the Saturday sessions?
- give up time to help with publicity?
- carry stuff from the shed to the HHYCC sessions?
- mend a puncture?
- do some printing?
- check and hand out bikes?
- fit a helmet?
- take the register?
- help us raise funds to buy bikes and pay the rent?

How you can help at Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club

Herne Hill Youth Cycling club (HHYCC) is run entirely by 10 volunteers who give up their time to make sure the sessions are coached, bikes are fixed, register is taken, funds are raised, children are supported in the races we attend etc.   Some of these are professional Cycle coaches, the rest are parents and carers whose children have attended the club.

Run by volunteers

All clubs need their skilled people - ours are the coaches.   We will fund you to train as a cycling coach if you can help in the Saturday sessions.   We can send you on a first aid course to be a first aider - just let us know
- can you help apply for community funding?
- can you afford to donate on top of the 10 membership?
- does your work run a donation scheme
- can you sponsor us?
And please remember to sign the gift aid option on the Membership form
I'd like to help!
Cycles for hire and to repair!
Cycles to maintain!
There is alway too much to do, and we encourage all parents and carers to lend a hand.   Can you...