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Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club: Dulwich Paragon invitation rides

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The ride starts from the Velodrome
Adding to the Saturday sessions that HHYCC run at the velodrome, we  have linked with Dulwich Paragon in order to provide opportunities to join their club ride.   It is aimed at introducing Road riding to those that want to extend their riding experience alongside older riders.

This page should give you all the information you need, but if you have any further questions please email us at hhycc_o12s@hhycc.com or talk to any of the HHYCC coaches during the Saturday sessions.
Who can join in?
This ride is for over 12's and is by invitation only.    You need to complete the consent form, which also  
contains the information on this page.
Where does it go?
...out into the country lanes around Biggin Hill: Anerley Hill, Elmers End, West Wickham, Corkscrew Hill,  
Layhams Lane, Beddlestead, Church Hill, Rag Hill, Spinning Wheel, Grays Road, Cudham Lane, Downe, New  
Road Hill, Jackass Lane, West Wickham, Elmers End, Crystal Palace.
How long is it?
The route is fixed at 30 miles round trip, taking about 2 - 21/2 hrs
Where do we start?
The ride now starts at the Velodrome at 8:45
When are they?
Every third Saturday of the month - check our Events page for the next dates
Who rides with us?
The riders are accompanied by British Cycling trained Coaches, wearing herne Hill Youth Club Jerseys
What happens in an emergency?
HHYCC are arranging car backup and support if a rider can't continue, due to a mechanical or other event
What else do I need?
All participating riders must be ‘silver’ members of British Cycling (to ensure adequate insurance cover).
This membership is free for the first year to youth riders who are members of a recognised club.

Please remember bring with you at least: 2 inner tubes, pump, drink, food, helmet and suitable clothing for
the weather conditions, and some money.

Also be sure to check your bike before you leave home to make sure everything is working properly.
Highway code
All riders must follow the Highway Code at all times when riding with Dulwich Paragon. This includes:

- riding no more that two abreast,
- riding in single file to allow traffic to pass on narrow roads,  
- obeying traffic lights and signs,  
- not riding on pavements, and however tempting,
.... not abusing other road users.
How do I join a ride?
The ride can only accomodate a limited number of young riders and you need to book a place once you have
been invited

Please book your place by mailing us on at hhycc_o12s@hhycc.com

Information for the rides

Consent form download
Consent form download
Dulwich Paragon Invitation rides #1
Dulwich Paragon Invitation rides #2