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How you can help your child?

Now we’ve got the kids hooked on cycling here’s a few tips to help you!     Phew this will give you something to think about!
Leave some of it to us at HHYCC. Remember sessions every Saturday. 10 am - 1pm

Lots more info about cycling for Youth riders...

Herne Hill Youth Cycle Information area

Check the cycle before it is used and highlight main points:
- Brakes - adjusted so brakes can be applied with small amount of pressure.
- Tyres - inflated to correct pressure. (Harder than you may imagine!)
- Chain - tension checked, clean and oiled.
- Steering - headset correctly adjusted.
- Reflector(s) - clean and ensure they are on view to other road users.
Link to information on buying a bike

Buying a bike

Link to information on choosing Childrens Bikes

Choosing Childrens Bikes

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Useful websites

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And there is loads of useful info to download here....
How to learn to ride your bike
Learning to ride your bike