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We took a grand total of 27 to Corris for May Bank Holiday 2011, 14 of our over 12's to mid Wales for 4 days of serious Mountain biking.  Staying full board at the bohemium and comfy Corris Hostel, we took in rides around Machynlleth, as well as the Coed y Brenin and Nant-yr-Arian trail centres. 

60 Mars bars, 6 ice packs and 3.5 boxes of Torq gels later, with 18 cakes eaten and around 120km ridden, but only 6 punctures and no major mechanicals, read what people thought of it!

HHYCC weekend away 28th May to June 1st 2011 to Corris, mid Wales

I thought Corris was a fantastic place to stay, the hills were massive and the single track was epic. My favourite part was definitely Speedway on the Minotaur trail. Even though the trail was only blue (It was the recovery ride for us with injuries),  I still found it amazing. It was a path covered in tiny flat stones so the track was very smooth.  It was straight then a berm, straight then a berm and so on. Not to mention drop offs. All together it was just magic.

Rory (12)
The Hostel was great because the beds were comfy, the food was good and the owners really friendly. The mountain biking in the area was excellent and it was nice to come back to a warm shower after a longs days riding.

Iíd love to go there again.

Stan (14)
Corris hostel link
Corris Group shot
Washing up!
Nant Yr Arian
Rory (12) is absolutely full of the joys of the trip. He's normally typically uncommunicative boy-ish ("How was it?" "Fine") but not this time. Loads of stories, can't wait to go again, showing off his legs (look like they've been run over by a tank).  He had a really brilliant time, and I think it will hook him into cycling even more.

We'll thank Geoff and everybody in person on Saturday, but would you tell him in the meantime that it couldn't really have gone any better as far as Rory was concerned and I think he'll remember it for a very long time.

Bitten legs!
Trails like nowhere else I've ridden and I definitely need to visit there again.

Sam (15)
It was a great weekend off in the mountains of Wales. I have learnt a whole new range of technics that I can try out at other mountain bike places. It was an amazing trip that I will always remember and hope we can do another one next year!!

Sophie (14)
Tasty meals..
The kids all came back at the end of each day with huge grins on their faces (despite being exhausted), tales that had to be told and war wounds that had to be shown!   I got to walk everyday in good company and countryside, and come home to a lovely meal that I hadnít had to think about, shop for or prepare.  Bliss!

Great scenery..
As a bike virgin I had a wonderful weekend meeting new people enjoying the walking, wildlife and the beers although it would have been nice to see the view from Cadair Idris rather than have the swirling mists and high winds.  At least we reached the top and got back safely to enjoy another beer in the local.  I have yet to explore the sheep poo paper man's website but will certainly do it soon.

Poor Soph looks like she has chicken pox she has so many bites,  Maybe we should have an injuries page with gory photos on... 

Thanks to all the coaches who gave up a bank holiday weekend to spend time with our children and put up with my eccentricities.

This way..
Fine views
Did you know that in the year of the Great Biblical Flood, when it rained for forty days and forty nights, there was a hosepipe ban in Wales ?   At least that is the story according to Rhod Gilbert, comedian and ambassador for Visit Wales. As Geoff Nutter began masterminding our first ever mountain bike trip to Wales, one club father further cautioned that he had been so traumatised by the weather on a week long MTB trip there six years ago, he had to seek counseling and had not been back since.

Despite these warnings, 14 of our Over-12s and a supporting cast of coaches and parents gathered....

<<<  Read the full write up here...  >>>

Thanks, finally, to everyone who made the trip such a success: the Children's Furniture Company (that's Charlie Codrington) for use of their van to transport bikes; Prendergast College for the use of their minibus and to Bill and Sarah Jane for driving it; and most of all to Geoff Nutter for pulling the whole thing together. Same time next year?

Centre for alternative technology
A big thank you to...

- Prendergast school for the loan of the minibus
- The Childrens Furniture Company for the loan of the van
- Torq gels for the good deal they gave me.... mmmm, Rhubard and custard, mmmmm
- Corris Hostel for accomodating us
.. And to every one for making it such a fab weekend!

The trip to Corris was in 1 word, amazing. After the long bus journey up to Wales in the minibus kindly lent to us by Prendergast Colleges we were thrown in at the deep end.  After arriving just after midday within an hour we were out on a ride. We basically spent the next 2 days of tiring uphill and tremendous downhill in the mountain bike trail centre of coed-y-brenin. 

These rides were fantastic but very tough. And we were constantly pushing our physical abilities to the limit. However after a few tips from our fantastic HHYCC coaches we were masters of the trails by the last day. No-one really wanted to leave, but we had to.

The Corris Hotel had a wonderful atmosphere around the buildings and gardens, which were quite large. It felt more like a private cottage than a hostel due to the independence of the visitors. The owners and staff in the hostel were more like friends than staff. And the village is full of cheery local people. Not to mention the historical steam train track that runs close by.  The facilities in the hostel like the drying room and warm showers are an added bonus to walkers and mountain bikers etc. There are many walks and trails close by. It was a great place to stay.

All there is left for me to say is thank you to the wonderful HHYCC coaches. Without you we couldn't have done it. And thank you to Prendergast Colleges for lending us the much needed and cherished minibus that we travelled in.

Jake (13)
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